Amazon Kindle joins ebook price war – drops to $189

The Amazon Kindle (and ebook readers in general) are perfect for travel – they offer instant, often wireless access to online book stores, can carry 100’s of books in a single device, and their e-ink displays are easy on the eyes.

When Amazon launched their Kindle back in 2007, it cost $399 (and I bought one right away). Since then, the device has gone through several redesigns, making it smaller, and adding international wireless support.

And as of today, the device has one more change up its sleeves – a price drop to just $189. The drop is most likely the Amazon answer to a similar price drop by Barnes and Noble on their Nook ebook device.

At this new price, any hardcore reader/traveler should seriously consider the investment – it really will change the way you read, and in many ways, the Kindle is the best travel gadget a reader could possibly buy. You’ll find the Kindle over at, where you can also browse the assortment of Kindle books in their store.