Perfect for Amazon Kindle users – free 25 language phrasebook

If you are one of the millions of happy users of an Amazon Kindle, then you may want to point your Kindle towards this free 25 language phrasebook.

In the book, you get a massive amount of phases, general language information, pronunciation tips and more. The guide covers the following languages:

German, French, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Czech, Polish, Hungarian, Russian, Croatian, Turkish, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Malay, and Thai

Navigating the guide a little tricky, but the price more than makes up for that. To download this free book, search for “Kindle 25 language” on your device or click on this link to order and have delivered to your Kindle.

Of course, if you don’t own a physical Kindle, you can still download Amazon Kindle content to your desktop or laptop, the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Blackberry or an Android device.

(Via: Flyertalk)

Moleskine Kindle cover with notebook merges the old with the new

Designed for the Amazon Kindle, this new Moleskine cover lets you join the eBook revolution, without saying farewell to old fashioned pen and paper. And yes – even though the Kindle offers a pretty decent notation and bookmark system, there is something comforting about making written notes about a book, even if said book is displayed on electronic ink.

The Moleskine Kindle cover with Reporter style notebook is available from for $39.99. Amazon claims this case may not fit the newest generation Kindle – so proceed with caution if you ordered yourself a third generation Kindle.

Kindle tips for travelers

The iPad may be the current darling of techie travelers but some of us are waiting for the first generation kinks to be worked out and a decrease in price (or a sudden cash windfall) before taking the plunge. While still a “monotasker” compared to a tablet or laptop computer, Amazon’s Kindle is still a great tool to carry books on the road with a lightweight design and almost limitless capacity to store whatever travel guidebooks, beach reads, or other reading materials you desire. Combined with the easy ability to search within a book for a place name or keyword, a much lower profile than carrying a tourist map, and limited but free web browser, Kindle is a good choice for travelers. Here are a few other ideas beyond ebooks for your next trip:

  1. Google Maps are a fantastic resource when traveling, but lose their usefulness once you are without internet access or unwilling to pay for data roaming. Whether you download individual maps of city neighborhoods or get all fancy with creating your own Google Map of destinations and recommendations, having a “hard copy” on your Kindle is handy when you are offline and want to quickly locate that vintage store in Berlin a friend told you about.
  2. Many free PDF travel guides are available online including In Your Pocket and Arrival Guides. While not as extensive as a guidebook, they provide a few suggestions for where to stay, eat, shop, and what to do in many cities and often cover less-traveled destinations such as Eastern Europe. Lonely Planet has also introduced Pick and Mix chapters for purchase, perfect for when you only need a chapter of a guidebook rather than a whole country book.
  3. Create your own travel guide by saving magazine articles, blog posts, and web pages for your destination with content more recent, relevant and varied than any guidebook. Tote along Gadling’s guide to Paris’ Japanese quarter, The New York Times‘ 36 Hours in Copenhagen, or the Wikitravel page for Mumbai.

How to save documents for your Kindle: most Mac browsers have a Print to PDF feature and PDFs are easily read on the Kindle. PC users can download a program such as PDFCreator to save PDFs. If you have another format including HTML or a Word document (good if you are copying and pasting text), you can email to Amazon and they will convert and send back. Then you can add documents via the USB cord to your Kindle, simply drag and drop into the Kindle documents folder. While many files don’t have the same functionality as ebook format, you can zoom in and often search many of the file types.

While many of these documents can simply be printed, printer access is often scarce on the road and this method saves a lot on paper. Any other travel tips for Kindle? Leave ’em in the comments below.

Amazon Kindle joins ebook price war – drops to $189

The Amazon Kindle (and ebook readers in general) are perfect for travel – they offer instant, often wireless access to online book stores, can carry 100’s of books in a single device, and their e-ink displays are easy on the eyes.

When Amazon launched their Kindle back in 2007, it cost $399 (and I bought one right away). Since then, the device has gone through several redesigns, making it smaller, and adding international wireless support.

And as of today, the device has one more change up its sleeves – a price drop to just $189. The drop is most likely the Amazon answer to a similar price drop by Barnes and Noble on their Nook ebook device.

At this new price, any hardcore reader/traveler should seriously consider the investment – it really will change the way you read, and in many ways, the Kindle is the best travel gadget a reader could possibly buy. You’ll find the Kindle over at, where you can also browse the assortment of Kindle books in their store.

M-EDGE Guardian case brings sun, surf and sand to your Amazon Kindle

Like most high-tech gadgets, the Amazon Kindle 2 is not really at home on vacation – which is a shame, because it means you’d need to switch to old school paper books for some poolside reading entertainment.

Thankfully, case designer M-EDGE has a solution with their new Guardian case for the Amazon Kindle – a case that goes well beyond the normal level of protection.

The Guardian case actually lets you take your Kindle into the pool, and because it floats, you won’t need to go diving if you let it slip off your floating seat.

The Guardian case is waterproof up to 1 meter, and it features an anti-glare screen film. Four closing latches keep your device protected, and special cutouts allow access to most controls.

The M-EDGE Guardian case is available directly from the manufacturer for $79.99. The case comes in black, blue and red.