Cambridge Hyatt lures Facebook fans with free internet access

Do you like Hyatt? Wait, let me rephrase that: do you “like” Hyatt? Not in that way … in the Facebook way.

Here’s the deal: if you like the Hyatt Regency on Cambridge on Facebook (in the manner that used to be called becoming a fan), you’ll score a night of free internet access. When you figure the $12.95 that the hotel is sacrificing, according to AllFacebook, the cost per lead is pretty low, and it’s already led to close to 400 fans.

According to AllFacebook, the Hyatt Regency Cambridge picked the right lever to pull:

Running a wireless service within a venue is ultimately a flat cost. There’s no additional cost per user, although the fixed costs of a wireless system for a hotel that sleeps 10,000 people a night will be much more expensive than for one which sleeps 100 people each night. Anyways, the interesting strategy highlights just how far companies will go to obtain “Likes” and it also illustrates an interesting strategy for attracting new fans.