Scottevest sneak peek shows a carry-on jacket with a built in wardrobe!

We’ve been longtime fans of Scottevest products here on Gadling – for a reason. Their travel garments provide the ultimate in storage, with some products offering travelers up to 25 pockets. On Twitter, Scott Jordan (the Scott in Scottevest) revealed some upcoming products that take things to the next level.

Annie already showed off how the Scottevest jacket can be part of your carry on luggage arsenal, but in their upcoming Carry-On Coat, you’ll actually be able to turn the entire coat into a wardrobe. In addition to the expansive array of pockets for high-tech gear, this new garment has room for shoes, shirts, pants and even a dedicated pocket for your TSA 3-1-1 toiletries bag.

Call me crazy, but the idea of being able to pack all my stuff in my jacket is exciting – and may make travel easier than ever – just show up at the security checkpoint and slide your jacket through the X-Ray machine. Imagine that! As with all sneak peeks, all Scottevest is willing to reveal is “this fall”. To stay updated on these new products, check out the Scottevest blog and the Scottevest main site.