Summer reminder: keep track of your mileage and points accounts

When on vacation this summer, pay close attention to your mileage and points accounts – despite all the advances in reservation technology, hotels, airlines and rental car firms regularly manage to “forget” crediting your account.

Especially when you are enrolled in promotions, getting correct credit for your stay or flight is very important. Here are some simple tips to be sure you get what you deserve:

  • Always make sure to enter your account number when booking
  • Make sure your account number is listed on your boarding pass and/or reservation email
  • If you change flights, seats, room or car, be sure your account number carries over
  • Always keep copies of your boarding pass and hotel folio if you need retroactive credit
  • Check your mileage account regularly for discrepancies
  • Add your frequent guest and flier accounts to a note on your (smart)phone
  • Sign up for an online mileage tracker like Pageonce or MileTracker

Even if you are not a frequent traveler, hotel and flight credits can add up fairly quickly, and getting credit for missed flights or stays can be tricky if you wait too long.