Woman dies after falling out of roller coaster in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

A 21-year-old Lafayette, Louisiana, woman has died after an accident at Dixie Landin’ amusement park in Baton Rouge.

Witnesses said Lindsay Zeno fell about 30 feet from the Xtreme roller coaster at the park late Sunday afternoon.

State fire officials, who are charged with regulating the park, have said that there were no obvious mechanical failures on the ride. The ride passed its last state inspection, about a month ago.

State fire marshalls and the local sheriff’s office are continuing the accident investigation this morning.

Tadbatha Arnold, who says she witnessed the accident, told WAFB that the chest restraint on the ride was up and she saw Zeno trying to pull it down before Zeno fell from the coaster.

Xtreme is a steel roller coaster that was built in 2000. It was moved to Dixie Landin’ in 2007 from a theme park in the Netherlands. The coaster has a top speed of 37 miles per hour.