Delta Airlines passenger kicked off plane for questioning pilot sobriety

A Passenger on a Delta Airlines flight was asked to leave the plane, and had to take a different flight, because she voiced her concern that she smelled alcohol when chatting with the captain of her plane. The lady was not alone in thinking she smelled alcohol, as another passenger witnessed the same thing.

When she asked the flight attendant for the correct protocol in reporting her suspicions, she was asked to come to the cockpit where she talked with the pilot. After he assured her he had not had any alcohol, she was satisfied with his answer, and went back to her seat. In the meantime, the pilot had to take a breathalyzer test, where he proved he had not been drinking.

The story doesn’t end there though – because of the incident, the passenger was told she was not welcome on the plane, and was forced to collect her belongings and spend the night waiting for the next flight.

The whole incident is obviously embarrassing for the pilot, but I do agree that if a passenger suspects the pilot has been drinking, that they mention it. What I don’t agree with is removing the passenger from the plane. Over at The Consumerist, a pilot posted his own opinion of the matter, and claims it is perfectly logical to fly without the passenger claiming it is to avoid taking the risk of flying with a troublesome passenger.