Nutty JetBlue flight attendant unlikely to get entertainment deal

How much can Steve Slater milk his 15 minutes of fame? The coverage has come quickly, and Slater has started to become a bit more comfortable with it. Reports are coming in that he wasn’t satisfied with his job (you think?), and it’s clear that this could be seen as a major opportunity for something of a career change for him.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Slater doesn’t have much of a shot at turning his career-limiting move into reality show fame:

Major talent agencies are unlikely to sign anyone who doesn’t have a background in a craft such as acting or writing. Companies that book reality TV stars and celebrities of varying degrees as guest speakers might be a more logical fit.

After he runs through the late-night talk show circuit, Slater will be finished. At that point, he’s likely to be another unemployed flight attendant … though he won’t be able to blame market conditions.
Nonetheless, talk about Slater has run through the advertising business. Chris Raih, founder and managing director of Zambezi in Los Angeles, noted:

“People around the country seem to have followed this classic go-to-hell moment with voyeuristic glee,” he said. “They want to root for him even more in a recessionary environment when many have gobbled up their anger.”

The real risk with using Slater in a commercial, according to Raih, is that it takes a few weeks to shot one, and even more time to get the campaign off the ground. By then, he’ll probably be irrelevant.