Steven Slater Video: Watch the nutty flight attendant ride to infamy

The above video comes from NBC New York, which claims the exclusive on it. Seventeen seconds in, you can see the emergency slide pop out from the right side of the plane (which is actually on your left). It happens in the center of the screen, but you need to look carefully, because the view is partially obstructed. The slide pops out toward the front of the plane. At 26 seconds, you can see disgruntled flight attendant Steven Slater step out of the plane and start to slide down, though this was shot from a distance, so it’s easy to miss.

What you don’t have to look carefully to notice is that there is activity around the plane. There are people outside guilty of nothing but doing their jobs, making it clear that he risk associated with Slater’s activating the slide very real. It isn’t hard to see why an internal JetBlue memo likened it to a gun.

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