Virgin Mobile surprises mobile broadband world with $40 unlimited 3G data plan

In the U.S., the mobile broadband market is relatively boring – very few operators offer prepaid service, almost all of them stick to the same pricing method, and in most cases, there is no such thing as a bargain. Sure, there may be a few exceptions, but when compared to say Europe, the mobile broadband market over here is really dull.

Last year, Virgin Mobile entered the market with the first widely available prepaid broadband solution – but did so with fairly mediocre prices. Earlier this year, they upped their top tier data allowance from 1GB to 5GB, but the price was still the same as all the other big players. Starting soon, their plans are set to change again – but this time, the move is actually quite revolutionary.

For $40, you’ll be able to activate your Virgin Mobile adapter and get 30 days of unlimited data. Low usage customers will get 100MB for just ten bucks. At the moment, your choice of mobile adapter is for their $79.99 USB modem or the $149.99 WiFi hotspot enabling MiFi. And just like with the current offering, their plans are contract free, no credit check required and no recurring charges.

This obviously makes Virgin Mobile the perfect solution for tourists visiting the U.S. or domestic travelers who need a short-term data solution. For $150, plus $40/month, you get yourself a mobile 3G broadband solution that will allow up to five devices to work at the same time, all on a network with excellent coverage and speeds (Virgin Mobile is owned by Sprint.)

In keeping with their smart marketing, Virgin Mobile announced the new plans on Facebook of all places. Their Broadband2Go adapters are available from or Bestbuy retail stores.