Trump SoHo NYC goes green

The Trump family of hotels is working on a greener lifestyle in New York.

Green Mountain Energy Company announced that Trump SoHo™ New York, the newest Trump hotel and condominium complex at 246 Spring Street in New York City, has committed to purchasing renewable energy from Green Mountain for 100 percent of the hotel’s electricity usage. Green Mountain is one of the nation’s largest providers of cleaner energy and carbon offset solutions.

Trump SoHo has signed on to purchase more than 5.5 million kilowatt hours (kWh) of wind energy annually from Green Mountain over two years, according to the agreement. The renewable energy will offset 100 percent of the hotel condominium’s annual electricity usage, which generates an estimated 4.6 million pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually, according to Green Mountain.

As for Trump and his guests? The savings represents the equivalent of 1.3 million houses turning off all their lights for a day.