PC Tools survey: 29% of computer users say it is OK to be online during their honeymoon

If you ever needed any evidence that we live in a connected world, consider the results of a recent poll by Harris Interactive. Apparently, being able to keep our online lives up to date means 29% of the 1012 people interviewed said it was perfectly acceptable to stay connected during a honeymoon.

Thankfully only 6% would have no problem staying connected during the wedding itself, though it doesn’t say whether that only applies to guests.

Probably more disturbing is that 12% of those surveyed said they would rather have a colonoscopy than deal with removing spyware from their PC. Waiting in line at the DMV scored 20% and going to the dentist scored 34%. Of course, a survey like this is usually commissioned to promote a product or service, so the results are quick to point out that many of the problems on a PC “can be resolved with the newest version of PC Tools

Still, commercial survey or not, the fact that you’d rather have a camera shoved up your backside than deal with spyware is a pretty troubling thing to admit to.

Oh, and 79% of those interviewed said they want to keep all their computer files hidden from others, including their children (39%), parents (26%) and spouse (17%). Results like this show that people have a lot to hide. Or, it could just be an admission that 79% of people keep porn on their computer. You be the judge.