Airline passengers want more self-service options

Hey, airlines: passengers don’t want your help. Seriously. We’d rather take control of our fates. Let us make our own choices and pay for what we consume.

Well, that’s what a new survey reveals. The fifth annual SITA/Air Transport World Passenger Self-Service Survey finds that air travelers would like a bit more independence. Seventy percent, this year, want automatic boarding gates – where scanning a boarding pass opens a turnstile – up from 57 percent. In fact, self-service is already the norm, with more than 70 percent using airport kiosks for flight check-in, and two-thirds want to see expanded kiosk use, including: paying baggage fees, purchasing meals, printing bag tags and getting delayed luggage.

I guess this provides support for that old saying: if you want it done right …

[photo by joiseyshowaa via Flickr]