Five facts about vacation relaxation: boys drink, girls read and nobody sleeps

Everyone has a different approach to relaxation. Aside from the major activities at a destination, like hitting the beach or wandering the city, there are the things we do back at the room that help us unwind. What you do when your feet are up, however, differs for men and women … shocking, right?

According to the “Relaxation Report,” by Princess Cruises:

1. Men drink, women read: 32 percent of women read to relax, compared to only 18 percent of men. Liquor, on the other hand, appeals to 25 percent of men and only 15 percent of women as the top relaxation option. The story, in USA Today, also indicates that men will take beer over wine, at 41 percent to 27 percent, with women usually opting to sip wine instead of beer (45 percent to 27 percent).

2. Nobody likes bits and bytes: 97 percent of respondents to the Princess Cruises survey, 97 don’t hit the web as their primary way to relax, with 87 percent eschewing television for this purpose. Keep in mind, however, that this is only as the “primary” way to relax: it doesn’t mean people unplug when they get away.3. Sleeping sucks: 55 percent would rather get up early than sleep late when they’re on vacation. Men are more likely than women to do this, at a rate of 58 percent to 51 percent. I get the reasoning on this: you want to maximize your time at your destination!

4. Natural water is best: 67 percent of respondents like to chill at the beach, with 26 percent thinking a pool is better. This really doesn’t blow me away: beaches are far better.

5. Schedules are unacceptable: do you prefer a set itinerary? Well, you’re in the minority – 60 percent would rather take it easy and see what the vacation gives them.