Alleged UFO hovers over Knott’s Berry Farm

A Beverly Hills, California, man visiting Knott’s Berry Farm claims to have captured a UFO in a photograph during the theme park’s Halloween Haunt event.

Ryan Boone sent the photo, which he claims is undoctored, to Los Angeles TV station KNBC. (We’ve added the arrow to the photo at right to point out the alleged unidentified flying object.) You can see the original pic on KNBC’s Web site.

Boone says he shot the photo at about 10 p.m. Tuesday, while waiting in line to ride the Xcelerator roller coaster.

“I’ve never been a believer in UFOs until I took this photo and saw it with my own eyes,” Boone told KNBC.

Commenters on the TV station’s Web site have suggested that the alleged UFO is actually just a reflection off the camera lens, but isn’t that what “they” always say when someone captures a pic of a mysterious object in the sky?