Disguised Asian stopped in Vancouver — best disguise ever

Remember a few years back when you watched Mission Impossible III and Tom Cruise kept pulling off layer after layer of his secret masks to reveal a different identity? That stuff was all make believe, right? Right?

Well, that technology might be closer than we all thought. Canadian authorities are investigating a recent case where a young Hong Kong citizen boarded a flight bound for Vancouver disguised as an elderly Caucasian man. He made it through security with a fake passport and mask, boarded the aircraft and got away with the whole deception, until passengers and staff got wise onboard.

Apparently, the passenger (whose motives are still unclear) visited the lav during the flight and magically transformed from an elderly white man with “very young hands” to an early-twenties Asian — at which point passengers got suspicious. Upon arrival in British Columbia he was detained by the Canadian authorities.

The fact that he got away with the entire charade is in and of itself remarkable, especially considering the advanced screening technology that airport security now employs. But looking at his photo as profiled by CNN, could you tell the difference?

Here’s a tip for next time though, would be counterfeiter: change your shirt.