Federal Court reverses ban on US Airways New Mexico liquor license

This week, a federal appeals court overturned a ban the had been preventing US Airways from serving alcohol on flights to and from the state of New Mexico. The ban was put in place back in 2006 after an incident involving a drunk passenger.

The passenger, Dana Papst had been served two drinks on his US Airways Albuquerque flight, despite already being intoxicated. On his drive back home from the airport, he smashed into oncoming traffic, killing himself and five others.

For years, the airline had been in court trying to get the ban overturned, but it took a federal judge to rule in their favor.

US Airways had argued that airline alcohol laws are regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation, and not local states. Part of the states decision to ban the airline from serving alcohol was based on a history of citation for over-serving passengers.

What do you think? If an airline has a history of over-serving, should states be allowed to revoke their liquor license?


[Photo credit: AP]