The Gadling gift guide for the outdoor traveler

In our third gift guide this season, we’ll show off some of the best gear for the traveler who loves the great outdoors, or at least for those travelers that pretend they do, because most of these gadgets will work just as well for someone who thinks of a Holiday Inn as “camping”.

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T-Mobile Motorola Defy

The Motorola Defy (on T-Mobile) is the first rugged 3G Android phone. This smartphone will actually survive a swim, or a drop on the ground. Its Gorillaglass screen means it won’t shatter when impacted.

Price: $99.99

Product page: T-Mobile

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Scottevest Pack Windbreaker

Imagine a lightweight and waterproof windbreaker that folds into a package compact enough to also act as a small pillow. Now imagine that jacket with handwarmer pockets, an integrated cable management system and 17 different pockets. That is, in a nutshell, the Scottevest Pack Windbreaker.

Price: $75

Product page: Pack Windbreaker

SteriPEN Traveler

Only able to find “questionable” water? Once passed through a filter to remove particulate matter, stick the SteriPEN in your container, and lets its UV light purify it to drinkable quality.

Price: $59.95

Product page: SteriPEN

Pelican i1015 rugged Phone case

Who says enjoying the great outdoors means you can’t travel with some music? The Pelican i1015 iPhone case will let your device survive just about anything your throw at it. A pass-through headphone jack means it can stay in its case, while you enjoy your tunes.


Product page: Pelican

Otterbox cases

Otterbox cases provide protection in several levels – their basic case will protect against scratches, and their top of the line cases will handle water, drops and more. Best of all, the cases look great and are reasonably priced.

Price: from $19.95

Product page: Otterbox

Cannondale Jekyll bike

If you are looking for the ultimate bike for outdoors, then you won’t find anything better than the Cannondale Jekyll. This bike also has the honor of being the most expensive product in all of our gift guides, and at $4,249 it may not suit those that usually settle for the $200 bike at the local mega-mart. Its dual shocks, torsion control and carbon or alloy frame make it the ultimate in outdoor pedal power. Other models in this range start at $2,999, up to $7,999

Price: $4,249

Product page: Cannondale bikes

Gorillatorch Switchback lantern/headlamp

Gorillapod made a name for themselves with their neat flexible camera tripods, but this year they expanded their assortment with flashlights. One of the most impressive additions is the Switchback. This ultra-bright headlamp turns into a powerful lantern. Its five different LED’s can switch from a red night vision lamp to a 130 lumen floodlight.

Price: $59.95

Product page: Gorillatorch


The new ContourGPS HD camera is at home in outside – but it really gets in its element when you strap it to your helmet and take it downhill, or when you try to record a really stupid stunt to show off on Youtube. But best of all, the camera also records your location, making it easy to plot your trip on a map.

Price: $349.99

Product page: ContourGPS

Goal O solar panel

Need some REAL power on the road? There are plenty of small solar power kits that promise to recharge your phone when they get a day or two of sunshine, but the Goal 0 Nomad 7m delivers 7 watts of power in 5 volts (USB) or 12 volts (DC plug). This will charge your phone just as fast as a wall outlet, assuming you get enough sun.

Price: $99.99

Product page: Goal 0