Gadling’s budget-friendly gift guide: 30 travel products that won’t break the bank

If you are still struggling to shop for that special someone in your life, then have no fear – Gadling is here to help. We’ve collected 30 of the best “under $50” pieces of travel gear on the market.

From speakers to packing cubes – if this budget friendy gift guide doesn’t help give you some inspiration, nothing will.

Don’t forget to visit our other 2010 gift guides covering carry-on bags, outdoor travel, business travel gear, luxury gear and iPod/iPhone gear.Technocel Battery Boost

The Technocel Battery Boost is a battery pack small enough to fit on your key chain, with an internal battery, a MicroUSB charger cord and a MicroSD memory card reader.

Product page: Technocel Battery Boost
Price: $29.99

Joby Gorillatorch Flare

Part Gorillapod bendy mount, and part ultra-bright LED flashlight, the Gorillatorch Flare could be a real lifesaver on the road.

Product page: Joby
Price: $34.95

Griffin Travel Stand

This is a personal favorite of mine – one of the simplest gadgets around, the Griffin Travel Stand is part phone stand and part headphone case. Sheer brilliance.

Product page: Griffin Travel Stand
Price: $9.99

Otterbox defender and commuter series cases

Keep your phone looking shiny and new, and protect it from the elements with an Otterbox case. Available for many popular phones.

Product page: Otterbox
Price: from $34.95

Eye-Fi Connect X2 Wi-Fi memory card

Pop one of these in your digital camera or video camera, and next time you make a photo, it’ll automatically upload your shots to one of 25 different photo sites.

Product page: Eye-Fi
Price: $49.95

Keynamics laptop stand

The Keynamics laptop stand is perfect for using your laptop on a plane. Its innovative design brings your laptop forward by a couple of inches, which should keep it out of reach of seat recliners.

Product page: Keynamics
Price: $19.95

In Your Face Viewbase

Forget holding your phone for your entire flight – simply clamp the In Your Face Viewbase on the tray table, and place your phone in the holder.

Product page: In Your Face
Price: $29.99

iMainGo Speaker

This compact, battery powered speaker protects your device, and makes it accessible – a great combination.

Product page: iMainGo 2
Price: $39.99

Sandisk Sansa clip+

Forget that fruity brand – as far as we are concerned, one of the best portable music players on the market is the Sandisk Sansa Clip+. With prices online under $30, this is one heck of a player. MicroSD expansion slot, FM Radio, voice recorder and equalizer.

Product page: Sandisk Sansa Clip+
Price: From $30 (at

Balanzza mini

Avoid surprises at the airport with the Balanzza Mini luggage scales. Weighs bags up to 100lbs and hooks onto the handle of your luggage.

Product page: Balanzza Mini
Price: $24.95

Moshi travel alarm clock

Say goodbye to the horrible hotel alarm clock, and take the Moshi travel alarm clock on the road. Moshi lets you program the time and wake time with your voice.

Product page: Moshi Travel Alarm Clock
Price: $24.99

iTunes gift card

Shopping for the gift recipient that already has it all? If they have an iPhone, iPod or iPad, then an iTunes gift card means letting them pick their own music, movie or apps.

Product page: Apple gift cards
Price: from $15

Sewell PC to TV adapter

For $34.99, the Sewell PC to TV converter box lets you plug the VGA signal from your laptop into a regular TV. Which means Netflix movies instead of local news next time you are stuck in a lousy hotel.

Product page: Sewell
Price: $34.99

WaterGeeks filtering bottle

Stylish bottle? Check! Built in carbon filter? Check! The WaterGeeks stainless steel bottle can remove unwanted filth from water thanks to its integrated filter. The bottle is available in eight different colors.

Product page: WaterGeeks
Price: $24.99

IPEVO icon iPhone battery pack

The ipevo icon is the only iPhone battery pack in the world that actually looks like a battery charger icon. You have to see this thing to understand how cool it is.

Product page: IPEVO
Price: $54

Callpod Chargepod bundle pack

With the Chargepod, you can carry a single charger, and power up to six devices at the same time. With a huge variety of power tips, there is almost always a way to charge anything you want.

Product page: Chargepod
Price: $49.95

Tom Bihn packing cube backpack

The Tom Bihn packing cube backpack is brilliant – this packing cube turns inside out, and converts into an emergency backpack. Perfect if you over-shop!

Product page: Packing cube backpack
Price: $40

Eagle creek Pack-It packing cubes

Eagle Creek packing cubes and folders are a “must have” for anyone that switches from the “stuff it in” method to something with a bit of style and thought. Folders can pack and safeguard shirts, packing cubes can sort socks and other smaller items.

Product page: Eagle Creek packing cubes
Price: from $8.50

Mini Bluetooth keyboard

Best friends with a heavy texter? Move them away from on-screen typing with this compact Bluetooth keyboard. It may not be suitable for typing a manuscript on a phone, but it’ll do a good job for long emails.

Product page: Mini Bluetooth keyboard
Price: $18.99

Mophie Juicepack reserve

Yes – another iPhone/iPod battery pack. But this one fits in your pocket, and comes with a built in LED flashlight

Product page: Mophie JuicePack Reserve
Price: $39.95

Kensington Pocket Smartphone Battery

Another brilliant product – the Kensington Smartphone battery pack has built in plugs for mini and micro USB, along with a regular USB jack for charging the pack itself.

Product page: Kensington
Price: $39.99

Moleskine city notebooks

For the ultimate in moving your life back to paper – Moleskine City Notebooks are available for 50 major worldwide cities, and offer quick access to public transport maps, and plenty of room for writing personal notes.

Product page: Moleskine
Price $16.95

KiwiChoice U-Powered solar charger

Yes – another battery charger – but this is the only one in the lineup with a built in solar panel. The kit comes with an assortment of plugs and power tips.

Product page: KiwiChoice
Price: $49.99

Monster Outlets to Go Laptop

This compact product turns one outlet into three – along with two USB charger ports. It prongs fold, and the USB ports provide up to 1.5 amps of power – which means they’ll charge the iPad. To make it even better, the Outlet To Go Laptop works on any power system in the world.

Product page: Monster Power
Price: $29.95

Suite Arrival travel size products gift set

Next time a loved one is on the road, consider sending a gift from Suite Arrival to their hotel. Suite Arrival features a huge assortment of mini travel products, from peanut butter to high end cosmetics.

Product page: Suite Arrival
Price: from $2

Griffin Technology PowerDuo reserve

iPhone car charger, wall charger and battery pack – all in a single product, and all for under $50? That is the Griffin Technology PowerDuo Reserve.

Product page: PowerDuo Reserve
Price: $49.99

Beam n Read eBook reading light

Want to read your Kindle in the dark? You’ll need a reading light, and reading lights don’t get more effective as the Beam N Read.

Product page: Beam N Read
Price: from $19.95

Griffin Technology Mini USB cable kit

Why carry long and bulky cords when you can pop these cuties in your bag? The kit includes a MiniUSB, MicroUSB and iPhone cable.

Product page: Mini USB cable kit
Price: $24.99

The Art of shaving carry-on kit

Give a special man in your life the gift of a perfect shave with the Art Of Shaving carry-on shaving kit. Three shaving products and a badget hair shaving brush, all TSA friendly.

Product page: The Art of Shaving
Price: $50

The Gadling gift guide for the outdoor traveler

In our third gift guide this season, we’ll show off some of the best gear for the traveler who loves the great outdoors, or at least for those travelers that pretend they do, because most of these gadgets will work just as well for someone who thinks of a Holiday Inn as “camping”.

Other guides in our 2010 lineup: gifts for iPhone/iPad owners and gifts for the business traveler

T-Mobile Motorola Defy

The Motorola Defy (on T-Mobile) is the first rugged 3G Android phone. This smartphone will actually survive a swim, or a drop on the ground. Its Gorillaglass screen means it won’t shatter when impacted.

Price: $99.99

Product page: T-Mobile

Gadling review

Scottevest Pack Windbreaker

Imagine a lightweight and waterproof windbreaker that folds into a package compact enough to also act as a small pillow. Now imagine that jacket with handwarmer pockets, an integrated cable management system and 17 different pockets. That is, in a nutshell, the Scottevest Pack Windbreaker.

Price: $75

Product page: Pack Windbreaker

SteriPEN Traveler

Only able to find “questionable” water? Once passed through a filter to remove particulate matter, stick the SteriPEN in your container, and lets its UV light purify it to drinkable quality.

Price: $59.95

Product page: SteriPEN

Pelican i1015 rugged Phone case

Who says enjoying the great outdoors means you can’t travel with some music? The Pelican i1015 iPhone case will let your device survive just about anything your throw at it. A pass-through headphone jack means it can stay in its case, while you enjoy your tunes.


Product page: Pelican

Otterbox cases

Otterbox cases provide protection in several levels – their basic case will protect against scratches, and their top of the line cases will handle water, drops and more. Best of all, the cases look great and are reasonably priced.

Price: from $19.95

Product page: Otterbox

Cannondale Jekyll bike

If you are looking for the ultimate bike for outdoors, then you won’t find anything better than the Cannondale Jekyll. This bike also has the honor of being the most expensive product in all of our gift guides, and at $4,249 it may not suit those that usually settle for the $200 bike at the local mega-mart. Its dual shocks, torsion control and carbon or alloy frame make it the ultimate in outdoor pedal power. Other models in this range start at $2,999, up to $7,999

Price: $4,249

Product page: Cannondale bikes

Gorillatorch Switchback lantern/headlamp

Gorillapod made a name for themselves with their neat flexible camera tripods, but this year they expanded their assortment with flashlights. One of the most impressive additions is the Switchback. This ultra-bright headlamp turns into a powerful lantern. Its five different LED’s can switch from a red night vision lamp to a 130 lumen floodlight.

Price: $59.95

Product page: Gorillatorch


The new ContourGPS HD camera is at home in outside – but it really gets in its element when you strap it to your helmet and take it downhill, or when you try to record a really stupid stunt to show off on Youtube. But best of all, the camera also records your location, making it easy to plot your trip on a map.

Price: $349.99

Product page: ContourGPS

Goal O solar panel

Need some REAL power on the road? There are plenty of small solar power kits that promise to recharge your phone when they get a day or two of sunshine, but the Goal 0 Nomad 7m delivers 7 watts of power in 5 volts (USB) or 12 volts (DC plug). This will charge your phone just as fast as a wall outlet, assuming you get enough sun.

Price: $99.99

Product page: Goal 0

The Gadling gift guide for the business traveler

The business traveler is a hard one to shop for – you don’t want to give them something that will make them have to work harder, but you also want to be sure you give them something “cutting edge”. So, we’ve collected a sample of some of the best business travel friendly products on the market.

If you need other ideas, check out our gift guide for the iPad/iPhone owner.

Toshiba Portege R705 ultra-portable notebook

Unless your office supplies you with a corporate laptop, you’ll be on your own when it comes to shopping around for the perfect machine. As far as we are concerned, perfect is how we describe the Toshiba Portege R705. At a tad over three pounds, this machines has it all – built in optical drive, HDMI, VGA, plenty of storage space, eSATA expansion port and impressive battery life. Combine this with a price tag under $1000, and you’ll understand why we like it so much. The R705 lineup includes all kinds of combinations – including models with a fingerprint reader and processors options up to an Intel i7.

Price: from $899

Product page: Toshiba Portege R705

Gadling review

iDapt charging kit

Traveling with more than one gadget? the IDAPT line of device chargers can take care of all your needs in a single product. With a variety of charger plugs, this product can be placed on a desk, and just one outlet, you’ll have all your gadgets at 100% before you know it.

Price: from $34.99

Product page: IDAPT


Ever been on a trip only to discover that you forgot to copy a really important file to your laptop? Pogoplug could be the one product you need to fix that for good. Plug the Pogoplug into your network (or let it connect to Wi-Fi), attach a storage device, and you instantly create a network storage system that can be reached anywhere in the world. Access can be gained through a browser, desktop software or one of the various mobile clients.

Price: $99.99

Product page: Pogoplug

Sewell VGA adapter

Got a laptop without a regular video output? The Sewell VGA to TV adapter can turn your VGA signal into a normal composite signal, which means you can then watch Netflix movies or PowerPoint presentations on the old hotel TV.

Price: $34.95

Product page: Sewell Direct

Gadling review

Black Box retractable cable kit

With six different laptop cables and accessories in a single kit, the Black Box retractable cable kit has everything you need to be a real efficient road warrior. Includes USB and Ethernet cables, a retractable power cord, headphones, LED light and an optical mouse.

Price: $38.95

Product page: Black Box

Gadling review

Pelican 1510LOC rugged overnight laptop case

Scared of the airlines breaking your laptop or other gadgets? Teach them a lesson with the Pelican 1510 rugged overnight laptop case. When your luggage has its own “pressure relief valve”, you just know you are dealing with something special. If you are concerned about its strength, just remember that the U.S. Military trusts these cases with their weapons.

Price: $200

Product page: Pelican cases

Briggs & Riley BRX line

Looking for some budget friendly luggage that doesn’t scream “PowerPoint presentation master”? The BRX line from Briggs & Riley has it all – great looks, rugged frame and tons of internal storage space. Plus, because the top isn’t rigid, it’ll expand nicely.

Price: from $160

Product page: Briggs & Riley BRX line

Gogo Inflight Internet 6-pack

What better product to treat the road warrior to than the ability to get even more work done inflight! Of course, inflight Internet access through Gogo Inflight doesn’t always have to involve work – just don’t tell the boss.

Price: $49.95

Product page: Gogo Inflight pricing options

Gadling review

[Photo from Flickr/Peterbartsch]

Jawbone ICON headset

Lets face it; business travelers love their Bluetooth headsets. Anyone that has sat at an airport staring at all the people walking by will know how important the headset is in the road warrior arsenal. So, if you are going to wear a headset, at least let it be a decent one. One great contender? The Jawbone ICON headset. Besides fantastic sound quality, the ICON also supports Jawbone apps and different voices for text to speech.

Price: $99

Product page: Jawbone

Gadling review

Balanzza Mini luggage scale

Sooner or later, even the best packer will need to hand their bag over to the airline to be checked in the luggage hold. For these times, a portable luggage scale could mean the difference between just under, or just overweight. And sadly, overweight means costly charges. The Balanzza can weigh bags up to 100lbs and hooks to almost any piece of luggage.

Price: $24.95

Product page: Balanzza

Gadling review

Wilson Electronics MobilePro signal booster

Being stuck in a bad hotel for a business trip is no fun, but things get worse when you are stuck somewhere with little to no signal. Suddenly, you are not just physically in the middle of nowhere, and when your Blackberry displays “no signal”, you’ll be in for a long stay. Thankfully, the MobilePro signal booster kit by Wilson Electronics can turn any dead zone into a 5-bar location. Its internal antenna picks up your signal, and boosts it to a magnet mounted antenna outdoors.

Price: From $184.99

Product page: Wilson Electronics

Gadling review

Livescribe Echo Smartpen

If the switch to “all digital” hasn’t made you any more efficient, consider the Livescribe Smartpen. This pen records your writing, and records audio in meetings or more. Best of all, the pen can be outfitted with handy pen based apps. Once written, you can transfer writing and recordings to your computer, or send them out on the web to Livescribe or Evernote.

Price: from $149.95

Product page: Livescribe store

The Art of Shaving travel kit

Just because you are on a business doesn’t mean you can’t pamper yourself a little. The Art of Shaving kit contains everything you need for a professional style wet shave, plus a stainless steel Gillette razor.

Price: $150

Product page: The Art of Shaving

Gadling review

AAXA M2 portable projector

During the day, you can give presentations, and at night, you can use this projector to watch a movie. The AAXA technologies M2 portable projector is one of the best on the market, with a 100 lumen LED lamp, hi-def resolution, HDMI input and a built in 1GB media player, things don’t get more compact or more entertaining. But the best part? Its insanely low price!

Price: $369

Product page: AAXA Technologies

AVIIQ laptop stand

Not many travel products can claim German engineered hybrid composite materials and “lightest in the world” in a single product. But the AVIIQ laptop stand does work hard to justify its $79.95 price tag. When not in use, this laptop stand folds up into a neat little package and unfolds into a full size ultra-light stand.

Price: $79.95

Product page: AVIIQ Laptop stand

Gadling review

The Gadling gift guide for the iPhone and iPad traveler

Shopping for iPhone or iPad accessories is never easy – unlike any other device on the market, the assortment of extras for Apple devices is just insane. Whether you need an iPod toilet paper dispenser, or one of over 1000 different types of headphone, you’ll never run out of options.

So, we are here to help, and share some of the best products we’ve come across in 2010. There is something for everyone in this list. Got something better you use with your iPhone or iPad? Leave a comment, and share your favorite product with the world!

Soundmatters foxL speaker

Why? You’ll have a hard time finding anything that sounds this good without investing in a massive home theater system. This compact battery powered Bluetooth speaker is simply amazing.

Review: April 19, 2010

Product page: Soundmatters foxL

Price: $199

Jawbone Icon Earwear

Why? Top notch sound, noise cancellation, Bluetooth music and apps. Bluetooth headsets don’t get much better than this.

Product page: Aliph Jawbone

Price: $99

Product review

Mophie Juice Pack Reserve

Why? Power boosting battery pack small enough for on your key chain. Built in LED flashlight.

Product page: Mophie

Price: $39.95

Review: September 16, 2010

Creative Labs Bluetooth speaker

Why? Compact room filling Bluetooth audio. Can be powered off AC or batteries

Product page:Creative D100 Bluetooth speaker

Price: $79.99

Joby Gorillamobile for iPhone 4

Why? Multi-functional case lets you use it as camera tripod, movie mount and more.

Product page: Joby Gorillamobile for iPhone 4

Price: $39.95

XtremeMac 3-in-1 Microdock

Why? The smallest portable speaker and alarm clock you’ll find for your iPhone. Install the (free) XtremeMac Alarm Clock app and you can forever forget about lousy hotel alarm clocks.

Product page: XtremeMac 3-in-1 Microdock

Price: $59.99

Scosche motorMouth II

Why? The smallest Bluetooth hands-free system in the world. Stream Bluetooth stereo music and phone calls to your line-in equipped car radio.

Product page: Scosche motorMouth II

Price: $79.99

Scosche sneakPEEK II

Why? The Schosche sneakPEEK II is the only 2-in-1 iPhone/iPad video cable on the market. In a single cable, you get component and composite outputs.

Product page: Scosche sneakPEEK II

Price: $59.99

Otterbox Defender Series iPad case

Why? Because your iPad isn’t designed to battle the elements, Otterbox steps in to help. The Otterbox Defender series cases for the iPad protects it from all corners, plus its rear cover slides off to protect your screen.

Product page: Otterbox Defender Series

Price: $89.95


Why? Gelaskins protect your device, and offer thousands of different designs. Their 3M adhesive material provides a barrier against scratches, while keeping your device looking cool.

Product page: Gelaskins

Price: from $14.95

V-Moda Vibrato Remote headphones

Why? Good looks and good price, without sacrificing sound quality.

Product page: V-Moda Vibrato remote

Price: $129.99

Urbanears headphones

Why? Instead of radical new designs, Urbanears sticks to great old school designs with superb audio quality.

Product page: Urbanears

Price: from $40

Case-Mate cases

Why? Because Case-Mate designs some of the best looking cases on the market. Plus, if you don’t like their designs, you can design and submit your own.

Product page: Case-Mate

Price: from $24.99

Bioserie cases

Why? It isn’t easy being green, but these cases sure can help. Instead of plastics, Bioserie cases are made of a plant based matter, and are fully bio-degradable.

Product page: Bioserie

Price: from $29.95

Kensington PowerBack iPad case

Why? Protection, power and sound from a single case. The PowerBack features a powerful built in battery pack, amplified speakers and a kickstand.

Product page: Kensington PowerBack

Price: $129.99

Dexim P-Flip

Why? Nightstand and movie stand plus a battery pack in a single product. Brilliant and compact.

Product page: Dexim P-Flip

Price: $69.90

iMainGo X

Why? Rechargeable sound for on the go. Access to the touch screen of your iPhone, even when it is inside the case. Speakers can be daisy-chained for massive volume.

Product review

Product page: Portable Sound Labs

Price: $69.95

Grace Eco Extreme

Why? Going to the pool or beach no longer means you need to leave your iPhone or iPod behind. Loud, clear music from a waterproof amplified case.

Product review

Product page: Grace Eco Extreme

Price: $49.95

Griffin PowerDuo Reserve

Why? Wall, car and battery power from a single product. Never find yourself with an empty battery again.

Product review

Product page: PowerDuo Reserve

Price: $59.99

Future Sonics Atrio Special Edition

Why? Better sound than you’ve ever heard from a pair of headphones. Pricey, but not insanely expensive given how great the sound.

Product review

Product page: Future Sonics

Price: $229

Griffin Travel Stand

Why? An all-in-one case that acts as a movie watching stand and a headphone case.

Product review

Product page: Griffin Travel Stand

Price: $14.99

Gadling’s gift guide for the frequent / business traveler

Unlike what many people think, business travel is not the jetset playboy lifestyle the TV makes it appear to be. You are frequently stuck in bad hotels, flights are delayed or canceled, and the little spare time you have, is wasted to create expense reports.

In this Gadling gift guide, we have compiled some of the best business traveler kit on the market. Some are there for your entertainment, others just help get some work done more efficiently, leaving more time for fun.

(Photo from Flickr/garybembridge)Callpod Fueltank Duo

As we become more dependent on our gadgets, we also become dependent on battery life lasting as long as a work day. The Callpod Fueltank won a spot in the Gadling top 10 gadgets of 2009 – and rightfully so. It can charge 2 gadgets at the same time, using the same power tips as on the Callpod Chargepod multi-device charger.

Price: $49.95
Product page: Callpod Fueltank

The Art Of Shaving travel kit

When you are on the road a lot, you tend to miss the comforts of home. One way to pamper yourself (or a loved one) is with some nice travel friendly toiletries. The Art Of Shaving produces a lineup of high quality shaving products, as well as some great travel friendly sized kits.

Their TSA friendly shaving kit contains a badger hair shaving brush, pre-shave oil, shaving cream and some after-shave balm. That way, even in the crappiest of hotels, you’ll be able to get a really nice comforting shave.

Price: $50
Product page: The Art Of Shaving

Briggs & Riley Baseline 20″ Upright

Frequent travel requires good reliable luggage. When you start traveling for business is when it is usually the best time to dump that old $40 rolling bag you got when you were 18. The Briggs & Riley Baseline collection consists of some great looking luggage, designed for the rigors of the airport and overhead compartment.

Price: From $259
Product page: Briggs & Riley Baseline Collection
Gadling review: September 2009

Moshi voice control alarm clock

The Moshi voice control travel alarm clock is the cure for the common hotel alarm clock. Most hotels provide an alarm clock that requires a complicated array of button presses to get the time set correctly – and if you are lucky, it will actually work. The Moshi clock lets you program the time, and alarm using your voice. With simple commands you get the right wake up time programmed. It can even tell you the temperature in your room.

Price: $24.95
Product page:
Gadling review: November 2009

NeatReceipts Moible Scanner + filing system

The NeatReceipts system is perfect for people who have to deal with the hassles of complex expense reporting. Instead of collecting all your receipts in a plastic bag, you simply scan them with the portable scanner, and let the filing software take care of the rest. At the end of your trip, you let the software produce a report, ready to file and speed up your reimbursement.

In addition to expense report creation, the scanner and software can scan regular documents and business cards.

Price: $199.95
Product page: NeatReceipts

HP Mini 5101 Business class netbook

The HP Mini 5101 builds on the runaway success of netbook size computers, but adds a touch of business friendly features. A specially coated full-size keyboard, 3D driveguard protection and options for integrated 3G make this the perfect companion for someone that wants to travel lighter, without compromises.

Price: From $399 (depending on configuration)
Product page: HP Mini 5101
Gadling review: November 2009

Sling Media Slingbox Solo

Even the most workaholic business traveler needs some entertainment every now and then – and the Slingmedia Slingbox can be the perfect tool to accomplish that. This $180 devices takes your home TV signal, and streams it directly to your PDA, iPhone, laptop or Blackberry, anywhere in the world you can get online. You get full control over your home cable box or TiVo, and even get remote access to a TV guide.

Price: $179.99
Product page: Sling Media Slingbox Solo

hField Technologies Wi-Fire

Crappy Wi-Fi signals are one of my biggest hotel pet peeves. It doesn’t matter how upscale the brand, when you have a room with limited Internet connectivity, it can screw up your entire evening. The hField Technologies Wi-Fire adapter clips to your laptop screen (or sits on a table), and greatly boosts your ability to pick up a signal. In some cases, by more than 10x.

Price: $59.99
Product page: hField Technologies
Gadling review: September 2009

Plantronics Voyager Pro

Forget about every experience you ever had with a Bluetooth headset. The headsets of yesteryear were usually horrible for the listener, and the wearer. In some cases, the Plantronics Voyager actually sounds better than using your handset. Stylish design, great battery life and dual noise canceling microphones make for a very reliable headset. Of course, no amount of stylish design can prevent you from looking like a dork – so only wear your headset when you actually need to.

Price: $99.99
Product page: Plantronics Voyager Pro

Aaxa Technologies P2 Pico Projector

Gone are the days where you had to drag a 20lb projector through the airport in a flight-case. The Aaxa P2 is about the size of the iPhone, and produces enough light to display your presentation in a moderately dimmed room. And at the end of the day, you pop in a MicroSD card and watch some movies in your hotel room.

Price: $359.99
Product page: Aaxa Technologies P2
Gadling review: December 2009

Ipevo Skype phones

If your travels take you outside your local calling area, or anywhere else where a simple phone call costs a buck a minute, then you have probably already found the joy of Skype. Ipevo make a line of great Skype hardware, from the most basic handset, to a full conference phone with DSP noise cancellation.

Price: From $14.99
Product page: Ipevo
Gadling review: October 2009