2 easy steps to finding the best cruise price

In a matter of days, 2010 will be over and we’ll be welcoming 2011. Right after that a lot of travelers start thinking about cruise vacations. Maybe its cold Winter weather or maybe it’s having the holidays out of the way but January brings us what the cruise business calls “wave season”, a time when a whole lot of people buy cruise vacations. Here are two easy steps to consider before you make that buy.

  1. Hug the Internet– Start your search for the best of the best in cruise pricing online at the cruise line websites. Go directly to Carnival.com, Princess.com or almost any cruise line website. The point of this is to search the most accurate, up-to-date database of itineraries, ships, and ports of call available. Take note of the prices you find but don’t buy. This is an education process to narrow down your search for a sailing that is a good fit for you.
  2. Dump the Internet– Armed with the current information you just found online, email/call/tweet your travel agent for recommendations and pricing. Odds are high that the pricing may be exactly the same as booking through the cruise line if you did an accurate search, providing all the information they asked for. Where a travel agent most often comes in handy is down the road. Between now and when final payment is made, cruise lines may offer additional discounts, promotions or special offers that might apply to you and save money.

If you don’t have a good travel agent, see our tips on How to find a good travel agent too.

Flickr photo by Dave Dugdale