Got New Year’s Eve plans? Cruise lines do

Cruise vacations that include New Years Eve are among some of the most highly sought-after sailings of the year, and for good reason. On board, the mood is festive, drinks flow freely, entertainment and dining is included and nobody has to drive home.

But that’s pretty much what cruise lines do every day. Sailings that include New Year’s Eve have special bonus events and amenities well worth the premium price of ringing in the new year at sea.

If you want to book one it’s probably too late now as these are some of the quickest to book of all sailings. Along with Christmas, Thanksgiving and the 4th of July they fill up fast with many guests booking a year or more in advance.

On Princess Cruises, guests get a fun-filled New Years Eve party with music, confetti, noise-makers and champagne and the festivities range from black-tie affairs to casual depending on the ship and itinerary. On New Years Day, football fans won’t miss their games and served alongside will be popcorn, chips, mini hot dogs or burgers and other stuff that is equally bad for you but surely part of it all. Other major lines run similar on board programs but are not the only choices for sailing over the holiday.

Pretty much any city with a large body of water close-by has New Year sailings with special packages available. Those too fill up fast though so its probably too late to book those as well.

This year we don’t even need to be at sea to get in on the cruise line fun though. Carnival Cruise Lines has been crowned “Official Confetti Sponsor” of New Year’s Eve in New York’s Times Square and confetti-fever is building in anticipation. Streaming video starting at 8PM ET will feature the line’s zany Senior Cruise Director John Heald who performed a confetti-worthiness test yesterday.

Flickr photo by ahisgett