Outdoor athlete skis and climbs 2 million vertical feet in one year

Outdoor athlete Greg Hill finished off a vary busy 2010 last Thursday by completing his quest to climb and ski 2 million vertical feet in a single calendar year. The final run came on the slopes of Revelstoke Mountain, located in British Columbia, Canada, not far from where Hill calls home, while a group of friends and family looked on.

Hill’s grand ski adventure got underway on January 1st of last year when he started his quest to hit the magical 2 million feet mark. That quest would take him all over the world as he scrambled to ski as many days as possible over the course of a 365 day period. In order to reach his lofty goal, Hill would need to ski, and climb, an average of roughly 5480 feet each and every day of the year.

It turns out he actually hit the slopes about 270 days of the year instead, which is a big increase from his previous high of 145 days in a single year. Over those 270 days, he averaged about 7400 feet of climbing and skiing in all kinds of weather including howling winds and blowing snow

. His biggest day on the slopes was a 12-hour marathon that saw him cover 23,000 feet both up and down. Hill also made 8 first descents, which in skiing vernacular means he became the first person to ski down a mountain face. Along the way, He also summited 71 different mountains, which is an impressive number in and of itself.

It is difficult to put into perspective exactly what Hill accomplished in his year-long adventure. It takes a tremendous amount of dedication and stamina to climb and ski 2 million feet in such a relatively short time, but it requires a bit of luck as well. One wrong turn on the skis or a slip and a fall while climbing, and the entire thing could have been over. Still, none of that happened, and Hill stayed healthy and focused throughout the year, even when it looked like he was falling well off the pace. In the end, he not only reached his goal, but he did it with one day to spare.

Just in time to enjoy the arrival of a new year and some much deserved rest. Knowing Greg, he probably went skiing instead.

[Photo credit: Tommy Chandler/Backcountry.com]