Make a statement at the TSA checkpoint with metal-ink undies

Tired of all of this business with patdowns, nude-o-scopes and grope-a-thons at the security checkpoint? Want to make a statement? Don’t want to strip down to your speedo to make that statement? Well then metal ink undergarments might be in your future.

Over at, a series of undergarments are now on sale that use metal ink to print in their silk screening process. The ink looks and feels the same way that traditional materials do, but under an x-ray — well, they light up like a Christmas tree. This means that anyone viewing the passenger subjected to backscatter x-rays will see the metallic printing stand out.

In this case, that message is the fourth amendment, the part of the bill of rights “which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures when the searched party has a ‘reasonable expectation of privacy’.”

A great way to make a statement? Definitely. Will they prevent your special parts from being seen by the x-ray? Absolutely not. But it’s a clever trick. Among the site’s offerings are t-shirts, socks and other undergarments ranging in price from $19 to $45.

[Via Erin Drewitz]