Ten crazy videos and photos from the airport security checkpoint

To most people, the airport checkpoint is where we line up, get partially undressed, and attempt to get through as quickly as possible, without incident or drama.

To others, the checkpoint is an opportunity to make a point, show off or get in trouble. We’ve collected ten funny photos and videos from the security checkpoint that’ll make you want to get through it even faster next time you fly.

From a half naked lady with a poodle to a man who picks the X-ray machine instead of the metal detector, these are some of the funniest clips we could find!

Not entirely sure what the context of this video is, but it appears to be genuine. In the video, a young girl seems to be setting off the metal detector, and decides that walking through it in her underwear is the only way to stop it beeping.

This is someone who wants to make a point – she clearly doesn’t appreciate the lack of privacy at the checkpoint, so walks through in her bikini.

This was a huge viral hit last year, and shows 52 year old Tammy Banovac passing through the checkpoint in her underwear with her poodle on her lap. She did this because she had experienced a nasty search in the past and had “nothing to hide”.

This one showed up in Twitter earlier this year when a local TV station tweeted the photo asking for more information on the man in his underpants.

Another speedo guy walking through the checkpoint. Yeah – not everyone can get away with this.

Check out this guy at a Las Vegas security checkpoint getting the full pat-down. The Marvin Gaye music only makes it better. If this were a movie, the TSA would have made it a PG13.

Partially naked Germans protest invasive security scanners. I think they could have made their point without getting naked, but that probably would not have made it on to YouTube.

“Crazy man in X-Ray machine” – clearly not happy with setting off the metal detector, this guy pops himself right inside the X-ray machine…

And what it actually looks like when you go through the X-ray machine…

And finally, here is a golden oldie from Australia – a TV commercial for mens underwear.

Make a statement at the TSA checkpoint with metal-ink undies

Tired of all of this business with patdowns, nude-o-scopes and grope-a-thons at the security checkpoint? Want to make a statement? Don’t want to strip down to your speedo to make that statement? Well then metal ink undergarments might be in your future.

Over at cargocollective.com, a series of undergarments are now on sale that use metal ink to print in their silk screening process. The ink looks and feels the same way that traditional materials do, but under an x-ray — well, they light up like a Christmas tree. This means that anyone viewing the passenger subjected to backscatter x-rays will see the metallic printing stand out.

In this case, that message is the fourth amendment, the part of the bill of rights “which guards against unreasonable searches and seizures when the searched party has a ‘reasonable expectation of privacy’.”

A great way to make a statement? Definitely. Will they prevent your special parts from being seen by the x-ray? Absolutely not. But it’s a clever trick. Among the site’s offerings are t-shirts, socks and other undergarments ranging in price from $19 to $45.

[Via Erin Drewitz]

Man demands half a million Dollars for airport checkpoint foot injury

The shoe carnival that is the “airport checkpoint” has long been one of my biggest annoyances. Apparently I’m not alone, because a Cooper City, FL man is taking the TSA to court over a foot injury he suffered after stepping on a piece of glass at the checkpoint.

In his case, he blames the TSA for failing to make sure the floor at the checkpoint was sufficiently cleaned. Apparently the injury was severe enough to send the man to hospital, and miss out on an extended period of work.

His wife is also part of the lawsuit, claiming an additional $100,000 for the loss of “service, society, consortium and companionship of her spouse”. That is probably lawyer speak for “couldn’t have sex”.

It’ll be interesting to see how the lawsuit proceeds, or whether the TSA just avoids the embarrassment of having to tell a jury why they demand people remove their shoes, without making sure the floor has been kept clean.

Half a million is a lot for a foot injury, but publicity and costs like this are apparently what it takes to get the government to make sure the traveling public is kept safe.

The TSA wants you to stop wasting their time – what to know before you go

Now Winter is finally over, and Spring is (slowly) making its way to us, this can only mean one thing – in about 2 months, the airport will once again turn into a madhouse of once-a-year fliers, and families with 20 suitcases trying to make their way to the Disney express.

With inexperienced passengers, comes a lot of people who will be treated to their first encounter with whatever the TSA has changed in their rules in the past year.

Even after all these years, there are still passengers who show up at the checkpoint with full sized bottles of toiletries, knives and other items they will have to throw away.

So, one of the writers on the TSA’s own blog, “evolution of security” has compiled a list of all the things you need to know before you leave for the airport.

The site even includes video clips for those of us that don’t like lots of words.

I used to think these overviews were stupid, but after seeing how many people don’t have a clue how the checkpoint works, it really does make sense to be prepared.

If you are heading for the airport for the first time in years, please take a moment to go over the information, you’ll help the TSA, and you’ll help those of us that are just trying to get to the other side of the checkpoint as quickly as possible.