Surprise! Alaska picked as most-desired cruise destination

A recent poll by Princess Cruises revealed Alaska, not the warm-weather-dreamy Caribbean, as the number one destination choice for cruising in the coming year. The poll, fielded from the line’s 76,000 Facebook fans, had some other surprising results as well.

Among other results, one-fourth of those responding chose Alaska as their top choice to visit this year, followed by the Caribbean (15%) and Europe (14%) Hawaii (8%); Panama Canal (7%); Africa (5%); Australia (5%); Amazon (4%); Asia (2%); Canada/New England (2%); Mexican Riviera (2%); New Zealand (2%); South America (2%), and India (1%).

The pool also revealed that the most desired traveling companion by far (68%) was the respondents “other half” followed by good friends (15%) almost leaving kids at home with a measly 6% vote.

Asked what celebrity they might choose to travel with, Oprah (19%) beat out Jack Black, Tina Fey (no doubt in Sarah Palin mode),Bono, Heidi Klum, Mario Batali, Michelle Obama, Peyton Manning and Justin Bieber among others.

Top choice for what Princess fans want on a vacation? Relaxation (50%) was far ahead of Adventure, Entertainment, Culture and Romance.

So lets add this up. Most people want to go to Alaska with Oprah and/or their “better half” to relax. Almost nobody wants to go to India with Justin Bieber for romance.

I think that works for me. What about you?


Photo: Princess Cruises