The five busiest air travel weeks of 2010

So, when did we hit the road last year? There are some times of year that are more hectic than others, and we all know to avoid airports when we can. Yet, there are some weeks that bring crowded terminals even when we wouldn’t expect it. We all know the insanity of flying the day before Thanksgiving, but there are other time that can be brutal, as well.

Looking back on 2010, Orbitz has taken a look at the toughest air travel weeks of the year. Some of the results may surprise you.

1. Christmas week: this isn’t all that surprising, as we all want to be with friends and family at this time of year. The busiest week of the year to hit the road in 2010 was December 19 – 25.

2. The first week of August: it’s the last chance to go on vacation before settling into the reality that school is right around the corner. This week (August 1 – 7), you get that last taste of freedom – well, your kids do – before it’s back to helping out with the homework.3. The fourth week of June: as August is the last chance, June 20 – 26 is the first chance to get the kids on a plane after school has ended for the year. If you hit the road at this time, needless to say, you won’t be alone.

4. The third week of June: let’s face it – some schools let out earlier than others! June 13 – 19, therefore, is another popular week.

5. Spring break: the third week of March (March 14 – 20) is a popular vacation break for colleges and some high schools. Time to lick tequila off a hottie’s tight stomach … enjoy!

[flickr photo by UggBoy♥UggGirl]