Share a vacation rental, go to Tahoe for free with PackLate

If you’ve ever spent time scouring for rooms on couchsurfing or making friends on airbnb, the folks at PackLate might have a contest for you. In an effort to spread the good word about vacation rentals and the inventory that they carry, a few of their brass are spending Valentine’s Day weekend in a property in Tahoe — and they’re inviting their Facebook fans along for the ride.

Eight of their lucky fans will get a free hookup at Tahoe next weekend in a real-world, adventure-budget-travel bonanza that will 98% probably be an awesome trip and 2% turn into a Real-Worldesque drama fest. Either way, it’ll be fun for us to watch. Since it looks like they’re equipping all of the tennants with flipcams the video will make it out to the community eventually.

There’s still time to enter the contest over at Facebook as of today, Friday February 4th. They’ll be picking candidates to join them in Tahoe over the course of the day.