Single for Valentines Day? Try speed dating on a ski lift!

Saddleback ski resort, located near Rangeley, Maine, has come up with a unique way for single skiers and snowboarders to meet that special someone this Valentine’s Day. On Monday, the resort will host a speed dating event which will run all day long and give would-be lovers the opportunity to get to know one another while riding the double chairlift to the top of the mountain.

The festivities will get underway at 9 AM Monday morning with two lines forming near the lift, one for the guys and one for the ladies. When the empty chair comes along, one person from each line will hop on and take the ride to the top, giving them the opportunity to chat along the way. After the short ride to the summit comes to an end, the pair can decide to ski back to the bottom together, and elect to either return to the speed dating line in search of a more compatible connection or head to the lodge to get to know one another better. The event will cost just $25 and includes a lift pass for a full day on the slopes.

Saddleback hasn’t forgotten the couples who are already happily paired up either. The married set can come enjoy the $25 lift tickets too, and at 1 PM they can renew their vows at the top of the mountain in a mass ceremony that is sure to appeal to the romantic ski bum in all of us.

The whole concept of speed dating on a ski lift sounds like it is full of hilarious potential. On the one hand, if you meet someone you like, that ride to the top of the mountain will fly by and you’ll be happily shredding the slopes together in no time. But on the other hand, if the connection isn’t a good one, that ride could feel like an eternity. Heaven forbid the lift should malfunction, leaving you stranded with your new friend for hours on end.