Blogger Justin Delaney

Introducing a new blogger at Gadling, Justin Delaney…

Where was your photo taken:
This photo was taken in Dahab, Egypt on the Red Sea – one of the coolest places I have ever been. Here I am enjoying a well deserved sheesha after climbing Mount Sinai.

Where do you live now:
I live in Dallas, TX.

Scariest airline flown:
On a flight from Bagan, Yangon Airways had me gripping my armrest in white knuckled terror. As we flew over the plains of Burma, the plane bobbed and weaved nature’s windy jabs, and I felt my stomach slingshot to the back of my throat. Their slogan, “You’re safe with us” seemed ominous under these circumstances. My terror hit a personal threshold when the flight attendant spilled a drink on some guy’s head three rows up. Panic spread throughout the cabin. I kissed the ground when we landed. A few months later, their aviation license was revoked.

Favorite city/place:
Hong Kong is my favorite city. Nothing hustles like HK. It is grimy and beautiful – everything about that city is balanced like yin and yang. Most people do not realize that beyond the forest of skyscrapers, Hong Kong is 40% parkland. My favorite place is 100 feet underwater in Indonesia, getting to know some local pelagics.

Most remote corner of the globe visited:
The rain-forest of Northern Sulawesi in Indonesia is about as far off the map as one can get. I stayed in an old bungalow on a deserted beach about a 2 hour drive and one hour walk from civilization. Not the best place to get food poisoning, but it happened.Favorite guidebook series:
I am a Lonely Planet guy.

Type of traveler:
I am definitely a flash-packer, meaning I carry a backpack, but it is filled with electronics and a Nikon DSLR. I also prefer guesthouses and hotels with free wifi and comfortable beds, though I am fine with slumming it.

When I’m not writing for Gadling, I’m…
Eagerly awaiting acceptance letters from MBA programs.

Favorite foreign dish?
In Rome, I fell hard for Pecorino al Tartufo. It is a Florentine cheese with embedded black truffles. Some people day-dream about beaches or days at the spa; I day-dream about cheese.

Next Trip
This May, I am marrying the love of my life in St. Croix and following it up with a trip to Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Dubai. My fiance, Kristin, also has a passion for travel. We have visited 25 countries together since we started dating in 2008.