Already sick of the Royal Wedding? There’s a barf bag for that!

I don’t know about you, but I’m already sick of the royal wedding. Something about hard-drinking aristocrats getting married on television while the peasants gawp upsets just about every sense of justice and decorum I have.

It seems I’m not alone. British artist Lydia Leith has designed a Royal Wedding Sick Bag. The Brits are generally understated in their language, so they say “sick” instead of the more descriptive “puke”, “barf”, or “Technicolor yawn”. As you can see from the accompanying photo, they come in a lovely blue or red with the label “THRONE UP” and the suggestion to “Keep this handy on April 29th 2011”. Good advice, Lydia, perhaps British Airways will give you a contract.

These are sure to be a hit. According to the artist’s website the first edition of the bag has already sold out. Sadly, other wedding memorabilia is selling well too, like getting your picture taken with a waxwork William.

I wish I had one of these back in 1981 when I was forced to watch Charles and Diana get hitched. If you missed that one, check out the video below and its embarrassingly gushing commentary. It will give you some idea of what will dominate TV and the Internet come April 29. I’ll be in England that day and the only way I can think of to avoid it is to go hiking in England’s protected forests.