Video: Geese running down street

I don’t think about geese more than I think about most other creatures. I admire them when I see them, but I’m used to seeing them in their natural environment. If I, hypothetically speaking, walked out of my front door and saw a parade of geese coming down my street here in Austin… well… I’d hope I’d have my video camera poised and ready for a moment like that. Because this guy was.

This YouTube user didn’t have to do much traveling to see a parade of geese–they came to him. Or, rather, they came to his street. Check out this short but entertaining video featuring running geese. After researching for a while now, I can’t find a hard fact explaining why these geese were running. My guess is that this video was staged. If you know why these geese were running, or if you have a guess, please share it with us here in the comments..