Photo of the day – Philadelphia skyline

Today’s Photo of the Day is of a piece of the Philadelphia skyline, anchored by the 1930 PNB Building. It was taken by Christian Carollo Photography.

A few years ago, Philadelphia suddenly started cropping up in the travel media as a bypassed destination, as a place that was finally getting the attention it had deserved all along. This development accompanied a spate of stories about the evolution of Philadelphia as the “new” or “next” Brooklyn.

Philadelphia is just one of many North American cities that has fallen by the wayside in the public imagination. Cleveland, Detroit, Cincinnati, Winnipeg, and Indianapolis are right up there with Philadelphia, each for different, contextually specific reasons.

Got an image of a secondary North American city that doesn’t get the press it deserves? Upload it to the Gadling group pool on Flickr. If we like it, we might very well choose it as a future Photo of the Day.