Virgin’s Richard Branson likes Apple so much, he wants to merge …maybe

The word is out – Virgin’s Sir Richard Branson loves him some Apple – he even named Steve Jobs as his “favorite entrepreneur.”

Sir Richard Branson expressed his admiration for Apple and its founder Steve Jobs, joking that he’d consider merging his Virgin empire with the tech giant, reported TechRadar earlier today.

The publication reported that Branson told TechRadar that the iPad 2 was on his wishlist and that “[Steve Jobs is] the entrepreneur in the world I most admire and I think [Apple] is the brand I most admire.

“Everything he does is real class and if he wants to rename his company Virgin Apple I’d be happy to merge! It’s a great brand and a great company and may he get well soon.

Branson also mentioned his company’s new magazine for the iPad, Project, and spoke highly of its success.

Personally, the idea of a merger between one of our favorite tech brands (Apple) and one of our favorite travel brands (Virgin) makes an attractive prospect, however flippant Branson may have been with his remarks.

[Flickr via Binder.donedat]