Hotel Madness: Bad front desk service vs. Everything about TV remotes

Our next first round Hotel Madness match-up pits #2 seed Bad front desk service against #15 Everything about TV remotes. Traveling is stressful enough without having to deal with some bored teenager or burned out middle manager making your check-on process miserable. That’s why Bad front desk service is entering the tournament as a strong contender to win it all. However, hotel television remotes are filthy germ sticks that are often unresponsive and unnecessarily complicated. It’s enough to make you don a hazmat suit and just read a book. But is it enough to generate a first round upset?

Learn more about these Hotel Madness contestants below and then vote for the one that bothers you more. The winner moves on to the second round.

(2) Bad Front Desk Service
Some people seem to have forgotten that the hotel business is called the hospitality industry. That would explain why you waited in line for 20 minutes to check in and had to track down your own bellman to help you with your bags. It sure was frustrating when you called down to alert them about your dirty sheets and they neither apologized nor offered to change your room. They did call you sir and ma’am a lot. At least they made you feel old while they ignored you.

(15) Everything About TV Remotes
Ever go over to a friend’s house and try to turn on his TV only to find that he has three remotes and you’re completely baffled? Well, at least your friend is there to help you out. In a hotel room, you’re left to your own devices with those, um, devices. Even if there is only one remote, it’s most likely old, filthy, germ-infested and unlike anything a normal human being would have in their home. Hotel remotes have odd button configurations and confusing menus. Most of the time the batteries are near death. That may be a blessing, as you honestly should not be touching those grimy things very much.

Which one is the bigger hotel pet peeve? Vote now!


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First round voting ends at 11:59EDT on Sunday, March 20.

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