SkyMall Monday: Packable Wine Glasses

Drinking while you’re traveling can be tricky. Open container laws, TSA regulations and the challenge of packing wine bottles (despite advances in bottle protection technology) conspire to make enjoying your favorite wines away from home harder than it needs to be. It shouldn’t be this way. Wine is good for us. Just like we pack our medications and vitamins, we should be able to take our wine wherever we go. It’s just a matter of our health. Even if you do acquire wine in a liquor store while traveling, how will you drink it? Wine glasses are nearly impossible to pack. Drinking wine straight from the bottle is simply too conspicuous and far too tacky to be a reasonable option. Wine is best savored when sipped from a proper glass to allow it to breath. This is something that SkyMall Monday knows firsthand. Imbibing it any other way is to behave like a heathen. Travelers are nothing if not classy and sophisticated. So, if they have wine, they need wine glasses. Packing these vessels is even more difficult than packing bottles. Between the stems and the thin glass, they’re practically guaranteed to shatter in your luggage. Thankfully, SkyMall is here to help us drink on the road (but not drink and drive – that’s not acceptable). Now you can have your wine and drink it too – no matter where you are – with Packable Wine Glasses.Now, we can drink wine on the beach, at the theater or while touring ancient ruins like dignified sophisticates. Unlike the heathens drinking beer out of koozies, we can flaunt our pinkies in the air as we savor our wines in proper glasses while sitting on the toilet in the airport bathroom. It’s enough to make me start wearing my monocle again.

Think that wine can be poured into any kind of glass or cup? Believe that only someone with an overly aggressive affinity for wine would need portable glasses? Well, while you’re pairing your entree with an energy drink, we’ll be reading the product description:

Life’s too short to drink fine wine from paper cups. With our packable wine glasses, you don’t have to! Made of virtually indestructible BPA-free plastic, the stem unscrews from the bowl, and both stash in a handy travel pouch for easy packing.

A life spent using paper cups is a life wasted. Finally, a product that puts things in the proper perspective.

The next time you’re setting off on an adventure, be sure to do so in the classiest way possible. Before boarding the plane, don your finest sweatpants, carry on your largest luggage and be sure to bring your Packable Wine Glasses. Then be sure to tell everyone that you’re classy. If you don’t tell them, how will they know?

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