SkyMall Monday: Reel Marshmallow Roaster

Despite the fact that spring is off to a chilly start here in the Northeast, we’ve begun to plan some camping trips for the upcoming summer. If you want to book the best campsites, you have to reserve early. As such, we’ve started taking a look at our camping gear over here at SkyMall Monday headquarters to make sure that everything survived the winter. On any camping trip, you want to have the proper gear and ensure that it’s all in working order. That way, once you’re at the site, you can just enjoy the great outdoors, relax and savor those sweet, sweet s’mores. However, s’mores-making technology hasn’t advanced much since people learned how to search for sticks in the woods. We’re still poking marshmallows onto dirty twigs and rotating our arms in ways that put tremendous stress on our wrists and elbows. Most people assume that our proximity to the fire is the most dangerous part of making s’mores, but it’s actually the physical labor. Thankfully, we can save ourselves a trip to the orthopedist thanks to SkyMall. The next time we go camping, we can roast our marshmallows with the Reel Marshmallow Roaster.I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like s’mores. The combination of gooey marshmallow, melty chocolate and crispy graham crackers makes them the perfect camping snack. Plus, lighting marshmallows on fire is just plain ol’ fun. However, there’s nothing in the world more tedious than rotating your marshmallow (not a euphemism) to get it roasted evenly. After a night of binging on s’mores, you may find your wrist sore, swollen and tender. It’s a condition commonly referred to as Roasting Wrist. Most doctors treat Roasting Wrist with months of physical therapy, pain killers and the Hershey’s S’mores candy bar. It’s a long and arduous road filled with disappointment every time you taste that underwhelming confection. Thankfully, we can now avoid that with advances in modern s’more technology.

Think that sticks are the perfect s’mores tool. Believe that operating a fork attached to a fishing reel actually puts more stress on the human wrist than previous s’mores-making devices? Well, while you suffer through a charred marshmallow, we’ll be reading the product description:

Give it a spin, and you’ll never go back to a plain old stick again. Simply put your hot dog or marshmallow on the tip of this fishing reelpowered roaster, and crank it until it’s perfectly cooked on all sides.

Look, anything that gives you the excuse to say “crank it until it’s perfectly cooked” is a good thing. Am I right, ladies?

It’s not wishful thinking to suggest that Memorial Day will be here before you know it. With that comes camping trips, long hikes and, yes, s’mores. Get your gear in order and pick up some new gadgets to make your camping trips perfect.

See you by the campfire.

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