Travel Channel’s Off Limits premiere tonight

On the new Travel Channel series, Off Limits, host Don Wildman makes it his mission to reveal some of the most amazing off-limits sites in the country.

Tonight’s premiere episode, set in Wildman’s home town of Los Angeles, shows the adventurer kayaking the LA River, risking fines and jail time, taking a film crew for a first-ever look inside the LA aqueducts, climbing one of the city’s 30.000 active oil rigs, following the lost 16 miles of canals in Venice beach and more.

Upcoming episodes take us along with Off Limits to sites off the grid, revealing a side rarely, if ever, seen before.

“Travel should be an investigation, yes. But it can also be a rediscovery of ourselves and the heights to which we aspire in life.” says Wildman, a self-proclaimed “silly romantic” about travel.

In San Francisco Wildman and his Off Limits crew explore a San Quentin dungeon, a once-great shipyard, a top secret POW interrogation center and an abandoned hospital that was the inspiration for Scientology.

“Even while I make my career diving into hideously unappealing environments to get the story, a large part of myself would often prefer to be strolling through the Marais in Paris or cozying into my seat at Carnegie Hall” says Wildman.

In Seattle, Wildman braves mountain passes where an army of men tunneled through miles of mountain to build safe passage for early settlers. He will hang from a zip line a hundred feet up to get a look at the deadly job the city’s first loggers faced. He will dive into the frigid waters to see the remains of the steamboats that once shuttled Seattleites across the Puget Sound. And he’ll take a boat across Lake Washington and step inside the longest floating bridge in the world.

Each hour-long episode follows Wildman as he investigates sites that are dangerous, hands-on, and, in many cases, extreme. Off Limits premieres tonight at 9:00 Eastern time.