Zingerman’s Deli: Is a $15 Sandwich Worth the Price?

Everyone told me that I had to eat at Zingerman’s Deli in Ann Arbor, so I drove past Michigan Stadium and turned off Main Street, parked on Detroit Street and discovered that it’s not just a sub shop but an overflowing gourmet market that happens to serve tasty, Dagwood-sized sandwiches.

After sampling some brownies, I put in an order for a Bill’s 2 over Prime, a brisket-and-turkey-on-challah number, stacked with Vermont cheddar and slathered with yellow mustard. (I went with a crunchy “new” pickle instead of Zingerman’s classic, garlic-cured “old” pickles.) Outside, at a picnic table, sitting under an umbrella to stave off the summer sun, I dug in, hoping for a sublime sandwich experience after dropping $14.50 on my sandwich and $3.50 on a lemonade. Delicious? Absolutely. But was my lunch really worth nearly $20? I’m still chewing it over.