Travel photo app invites users to “think outside the camera”

Travel photo appRalph Velasco is an award-winning travel photography instructor and international tour guide. Shooting travel photos in more than forty countries on six continents, Velasco has led cultural photo tours to Egypt, Eastern Europe, and throughout the United States. Now, with his iPhone app, My Shot Lists, Velasco makes it easy for photographers to stick to the basics and come home with some great photos.

“My Shot Lists for Travel is based on a class I teach called Capturing the Essence of a Place. In it, I outline the importance of adhering to a fundamental principle of photography, that of working from a shot list.” says Velasco on his blog, adding “Doing so takes the guess work out of whether or not you’ve thoroughly covered a destination or subject and increases the odds that you’ll return with a set of images that truly creates an overall sense of a place for the viewers of your photography.”

Designed for travelers of all photography skill levels, My Shots Lists is a great way to develop and track “a well-rounded collection of images that truly captures the essence of a place” Velasco says.

The app is designed to guide users towards creating an overall cultural portrait of any destination or subject by incorporating a shot list into a daily shooting routine.

Flickr photo by Evil Erin