Yuengling will make its way into Ohio bars

Here is some good news for Ohioans and visitors to the Buckeye State: Yuengling beer will make its way into bars throughout Ohio by the end of the year. Already served in thirteen states up and down the Eastern seaboard, the beer has so far not made its way inland – even though it is brewed right next door in Pennsylvania.

What took Yuengling, a company whose claim to fame is the oldest brewery in the country (as well as awesome and affordable beer), so long to move west? Pat Noone, the brewery’s business development manager, says the company will need to expand its brewery in order to handle the move into Ohio. He also says the company is shooting for an October launch and that the level of excitement in Ohio is “high, very high.” Yuengling must have been listening to Ohioans demands: the state wants the beer so bad there is even a “Bring Yuengling to Ohio” petition circulating around the Internet.

If all goes well in Ohio, perhaps more westward expansion is on the way for Yuengling!

[Photo by muohace_dc, flickr]