Pack like a pro with new travel apps

There are a bunch of packing lists out there which can be helpful for those who do not travel all that much or serve as a checklist for those that do. But those “lists” require having a computer handy or carrying around a paper list like in the olden days before we all went green and stopped printing things. Here are some new apps that can help us pack like a pro.

Saving Grace Travel Packing Aid
– Recently released by Grace Hotels, this app is a packing checklist and reminder tool all in one. Designed to cut the stress out of packing for any vacation, Saving Grace has customized lists for different trip types and activities that can be individually personalized. I like this one because it’s great to have when time runs short right before travel and things have got to be done. The Cost: $0
International Style App – Have your packing lists ready but not sure which outfits to choose from your wardrobe? FashionFreax app will assist you in your styling woes by supplying you with posts of stylish outfits from around the world. This is great for fashionista’s and cross-dressers. Good ‘ol boys from the land of “whatever I have on will be fine” or minimalist packers would never use it. I plan on gifting it to my wife before our next cruise when she says “Help me pack.” Like the whole idea of this? See (loosely) related video Cost:$0

Luggage Tracking App – Avoid accidentally leaving your belongings in the cab or at the airport with the All My Baggage App. With this app, users can quickly and easily manage and check their list of luggage and carry-ons. This one is in lieu of tying a string around your finger or sticking a post-it on your forehead after checking luggage to remember how many bags you have. Supplemental idea: Use that smart phone to take a photo of your luggage all lined up at home before you leave. Later, match photo to bags in hand, compare, note differences. Cost: $0

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