Photo of the Day: A challenge answered

Today’s Photo of the Day comes from Flickr user Chris Maki who tells us:

“I got an email from a buddy of mine today who mentioned that he’s still following my stream, but he’s not as blown away as he was back in April/May. I took this as a bit of a challenge to go out and shoot something good. Personally I’m actually pretty happy with this one, I think it looks pretty cool. I caught the sole strobe in the frame, but I don’t think it matters nor does it detract from the scene at all.”

We took a look at your stream too and think it looks pretty cool too!

Want to know more about photography? Not sure what ISO, aperture, metering and all that photography lingo means? Gadling’s Dana Murph does and breaks it down for us in a series of Travel Photo Tips.

Submit an image you would like the world to see at the Gadling Group Pool on Flickr. It might just get chosen as a future Photo of the Day.

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