Time lapse video reveals very slow man

Time lapse videos are all of the rage in the travelsphere these days (bonus points if the camera moves at the same time!) so there’s no surprise that the genre has made its way to subjects as bland as intersections.

Youtube user DENJCA29 had his camera trained on the corners of 5th and Spring in Los Angeles when he noticed a strange anomaly. When played at 8 times the normal speed, cars and humans whiz past in streaks of color and light — except for one man. Shown entering the frame from the left in a red shirt, the man slowly drifts across as if floating through time unnoticed, calmly standing with his hands in his pockets and moving inch by inch.

Whether he’s just not in a hurry or he’s actually player in the time lapse game we’re not sure. But the video is a pretty cool product.