New Gadling travel series: 10 days, 10 states, 10 great American sights

Here at Gadling we often discuss intriguing international destinations. In the last month or so alone, Sean has snorted chocolate in Belgium, Jessica has walked us down the coast in Ghana, Alex has driven into the capital of Armenia, and I have climbed the highest mountain on the island of Hong Kong.

Although I love scouring the far reaches of the planet as much as the next travel addict, there will forever be a romance about stepping behind the wheel of a car and setting off to explore the sights right here in our own backyard. As someone who grew up on a small island in Hawaii, an isolated paradise in which all roads lead to the sea, there is a certain freedom in the ability to drive from one end of the country to the other.

Much as Paul recently covered in his Traveling the American Road series, I am planning on embarking on a 10 day road trip from one side of the United States to the other, along the way highlighting 10 different locations in 10 different states that make this country beautiful, unique, and a great place to travel.

Some of these sights I’m sure you’ve heard of, others there’s a good chance you haven’t. That’s ok. Neither have I. There’s a certain irony in being an international vagabond who’s setting out to explore undiscovered wonders here in my own backyard. I’ve traversed the medina of Tangiers, Morocco and know my way around the grasslands of Bolivia, but I’ve never heard of the Ruby Mountains in Nevada; I’ve walked the Mullerthal Trail in Luxembourg, but have never set foot in Georgia’s Tallulah Gorge.

That is, until now. So feel free to ride shotgun with me as I take to the interstates and back roads to explore 10 of our 50 states, the third largest country in the world, this place we call the United States of America.

Follow Kyle on his journey as he explores “10 days, 10 states, 10 great American sights”.