Python eats deer in Florida

It seems to me that no one wants to be around a 16 foot python in the wilderness, especially not if that python eats deer with one gulp, but everyone wants to see photos, watch videos, and, generally speaking, relish in the attractively discomforting news that a python swallowed a deer. So, this is what’s been happening in south Florida lately. The 139.1 pound snake weighed 215.4 with the deer in its stomach when it was contained in the Everglades. Officials from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission killed the snake with a shotgun as to deter it from traveling north.

Native to Southeast Asia, Burmese pythons, such as this one, are popular pets in the United States. Snake owners sometimes aren’t prepared to deal with the Burmese’s rapid growth rate, which can cause a 20 inch snake to grow to 8 feet in just a year’s time. Oftentimes these surprised pet owners let their snake out into the wild when they can no longer cope with having them at home. And so, alas, check out some of the photos of the python at Huffington Post.