Occupy Lego land at Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street, based in New York City, is something everyone, or most everyone, knows about at this point. The movement, circled around protests that exclaim against, among other things, corporate greed, has become contagious. It has spread to cities across the world–at my last check, over 1,000 cities. The Occupy movement is a worldwide movement, and for that, it has nearly become an attraction. In fact, I have heard many people talking about going down to or driving past Occupy Austin just to see it. Not to be a part of it, but to see it, like a landmark, like a tourist attraction. And c’est la vie, I have no comments on that. But the Occupy Lego land installation present at the famous home-base for the movement, Occupy Wall Street, that I have a comment on: It’s meta enough to be hilarious. And hilarious enough to be a little attraction itself, within what has become a large attraction. Has anyone seen this? You can check out some more photos of the display here.