Free private jet service a nice perk for Zappos employees

A recent report from Launch says Zappos boss Tony Hsieh is offering his employees free private jet service courtesy of JetSuite.

A memo leaked from Zappos details Hsieh’s stake and seat on the board of JetSuite, a company he invested in with lower than average operating costs on the new Phenom 100 planes. While most private jet services charge about $5000 an hour, JetSuite guarantees a lower rate of $4000 an hour. Noted in the leaked memo:

“Just like we have markdowns at Zappos and 6pm for unsold inventory, JetSuite occasionally has empty planes flying around so it can reposition its planes, so JetSuite offers the empty planes at a big discount (called SuiteDeals) every day on its Facebook page”.

JetSuite’s last minute daily flight deals on the company Facebook page give pretty much anybody the chance to fly private starting at only $499 each way.

That’s $499 each way for the whole 4-passenger jet.

Not good enough for Zappos employees says Hsieh:

But for Zappos employees, we’ve negotiated a special employee benefit… Instead of the discounted price of $499, Zappos employees get to fly FOR FREE.

Yes, that is not a typo (and nobody has hacked my email :) — All the SuiteDeal offers are available to Zappos employees for free. You get to fly on an entire jet (and bring up to 3 of your friends, since the plane seats 4 people) for free!

So if you’re interested, please read the attachment carefully for step-by-step instructions on how to sign up!

-Tony :)
[Benefits are hot]”

We have to agree.

Flickr photo by Josh Beasley