Video: San Francisco sky over a year

The San Francisco sky is one that I particularly enjoy. There’s something about the ratio of gray clouds to blue skies that works for me in regard to the Bay Area (and that’s why, perhaps, I’ll be spending more time in that area over the next year). This time-lapse video says what I’m trying to say better, though… because it shows you. Take a look at this video, which was shot over the course of a year. A camera was installed on the roof of the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco and a photo of the sky was taken every day for 365 days. This is unlike most time-lapse videos I have come across; many of them span over a shorter length of time and the photos are taken at closer intervals. This project was effective, however, in providing an easy way for viewers to glance at a year’s worth of San Francisco sky in just a few minutes.