Mies Container restaurant in South Korea is the new Hooters for women

While men have always had Hooters to satisfy their craving for good food and scantily clad women, it seemed that the ladies were left with nothing to ogle but their hot wings. Thankfully, the people of Seoul, South Korea, felt the same and decided to open Mies Container, a new factory-themed restaurant that employs only masculine men.

One step inside the uniquely-themed eatery and you’ll realize why so many women are flocking there, not even minding to have to wait for a table. All of the waiters are young and hot, and while the restaurant claims they do not hire based on looks, they do say that the three qualities the staff must have are being a male, being energetic, and being masculine. To add to the ambiance, the restaurant design, which won the Reddot Design Award in October, is made to look as though you are actually in a factory, with tools, oil drums, chains, and lots of steel (the furniture and the abs). And if that’s not enough, the food is tasty, filling, and budget-friendly, with meals ranging from about $8-$17.

You won’t find an official website for Mies Container, as the company is relying on viral marketing and visitors writing about it on their blogs. I guess it’s working.

[image via Mies Container design blog]