Mies Container restaurant in South Korea is the new Hooters for women

While men have always had Hooters to satisfy their craving for good food and scantily clad women, it seemed that the ladies were left with nothing to ogle but their hot wings. Thankfully, the people of Seoul, South Korea, felt the same and decided to open Mies Container, a new factory-themed restaurant that employs only masculine men.

One step inside the uniquely-themed eatery and you’ll realize why so many women are flocking there, not even minding to have to wait for a table. All of the waiters are young and hot, and while the restaurant claims they do not hire based on looks, they do say that the three qualities the staff must have are being a male, being energetic, and being masculine. To add to the ambiance, the restaurant design, which won the Reddot Design Award in October, is made to look as though you are actually in a factory, with tools, oil drums, chains, and lots of steel (the furniture and the abs). And if that’s not enough, the food is tasty, filling, and budget-friendly, with meals ranging from about $8-$17.

You won’t find an official website for Mies Container, as the company is relying on viral marketing and visitors writing about it on their blogs. I guess it’s working.

[image via Mies Container design blog]

Love dogs? Check out Bau Haus dog cafe in Seoul, South Korea

When I say Bau Haus is a dog cafe, I don’t mean that there are cute dog photos on the walls or that it’s a meeting place for dog owners (although both of these are part of it) . The eatery is, literally, a cafe for dogs and dog-lovers to eat and hangout at. It is located in Hongdae in Seoul, South Korea, and canines roam around the eatery as visitors feed and play with them. You can purchase dog treats and pet presents, and there are small toys like frisbees lying around to use. Most of the pooches belong to the cafe’s owner and are very well behaved, although anyone is allowed to bring their dog to Bau Haus. And don’t worry about the animals making a mess as the employees at Bau Haus tend to the pooches, caring for them and cleaning up after them.

Popular blind French eatery in Europe debuts in New York this month

The popular French eatery where patrons are served by blind waiters in complete darkness has been a complete success in Europe. On December 9, 2011, the restaurant will try its luck in the United States, making a debut in New York.

Right now, Dans Le Noir has locations in Paris, London, Moscow, Barcelona, and St. Petersburg. While a bit bizarre, the concept is actually educational as well, as people get to have a unique dining experience while learning what it’s like to be visually impaired. Dining at Dans Le Noir is also, in essence, a live show, as guests are entertained by the staff and space.

So, how does it work? After being welcomed in the bar area and signing a waiver, guests choose a surprise dinner menu based on their dietary restrictions. For example, if you’re a vegetarian who doesn’t eat meat or fish you would choose the “Green” menu. This also means that you will not be choosing your wines but will be guided by the restaurant’s French wine expert, Christophe Garnier. Before being led into the pitch black dining area, lockers are available to put your possessions (you are not permitted to bring in anything that gives off light), and guests are advised to use the restrooms for safety reasons. From there, a guide will lead you into complete darkness, where you will spend the rest of the night eating, drinking, and talking without being able to see a thing.

Sound like fun? Click here for more information. Also, if you’d like to make a booking for the restaurant’s grand opening in New York, click here.

New restaurant in Mexico City combines unique architecture and experiential dining

Tori-Tori, a new Japanese restaurant located in Polanco in Mexico City, Mexico, has recently finished completion. The project began in 2009 as a joint venture between the Mexico-based firm rojkind arquitectos and the design company Esrawe Studio, with the aim to create a unique contemporary space.

While the restaurant serves Japanese cuisine, the ambiance is more cosmopolitan than many other Japanese restaurants on the market. Imagine an interior full of open spaces, a bar, and terraces that always keep the guest close to natural vegetation.

The inside is actually an extension of the outside, where the facade seems to grow organically from the ground in a mass of steel ivy. You can see through to the restaurant and vice versa, and the pattern on Tori-Tori’s outside controls the ambiance on the inside by filtering light, shadows, and views.

As for the food, guests can expect an array of options, including salads, curries, pastas, fish dishes, beef, chicken, sushi, sashimi, nigri, and more. For more information, click here. Or, to get a better idea of the design of Tori-Tori, check out the gallery below. All photos are courtesy of photographer Paúl Rivera.


Want to try 300 drinks from 5 different continents?

On December 1, 2011, ZaZa Bazaar will unveil its Wunder Bar. You will basically be able to go on a cocktail tour around the world without leaving Bristol, United Kingdom, as the bar will feature 300 drinks from five different continents.

Bar manager, Les Richards, and bar consultant, Ro Santus, have spent hours upon hours coming up with innovative and worldly drinks for all tastes and budgets. There will be 35 cocktails with European, Asian, American, and Arctic flare, as well as an extensive selection of spirits, wines, and champagnes. Beers will come from 10 different countries, some of which include China, Portugal, India, and Brazil. No matter what drink you choose, know that you are getting a high quality product that you can feel good about.

“We’ll use the freshest ingredients. Even the syrups and purees will have been made that day. All fruit and vegetables used in the bar will be sourced locally,” says Richards.

And, it’s not just drinks that will be international. There will also be an array of unique menus from around the globe, some of which include curries, sushi, Italian pasta, BBQ, Far East, Chinese, Indian, pizza, burgers, dosa, nacho bar, tex mex, and more.

For more information, visit their website.